Dear Readers,

Today finally the new 2.0 Beta firmware (Build 5a258f) is out in the wild and is here for the readers (Download Link at end of post - UPDATED). The new Firmware has a lots of bugs fixed and also has new capabilities like Contacts search and much more !

Here are some screenshots:


Dear Users,

Today, uShow ( has started registration for their new Video Recording Application after their long Beta test. So now you can capture those moments with your iPhone !

It has features to Record, Save and Share videos. So you can upload your Videos to Facebook, YouTube and PhotoBucket with just a touch !

Registrations Open !

Dear Users,

The iFone Blog hits the 300 Users mark and are getting more and more users everyday ! Now we have users all over the globe; according to the latest Google Analytics report.
Here is a map overlay of this week:

Most of our users are from North America and Western Europe. Our Web-traffic prediction chart shows over 40,000 User visits for the next month ! We hope that our users keep visiting the blog and make the most out of the rich content on our blog.

To keep a track of our users, we have made a Database that will contain the list of all our visitors.
Please spend a few seconds on submitting your details.

NOTE: Your information will be kept securely and user privacy is respected. The user database will not be opened/exchanged with third parties. The motive of this Database is just to keep a track of our proud users.

However, please fill out the form below and join The iFone Blog Community ! We will be proud to have you as a member of our community !

Yes! You heard it right! The iPhone Dev Team has just released a newer version of the Pwnage Tool for Mac. And this time, its the new version "1.1". It supports loading custom PNG images as boot-screen images, so users can use their own custom images instead of the Pineapple or Apple's default Apple.

So users are very busy creating creative Boot screen images. Here are two creations:

Do you also want to create your own Boot screen image? Well, its as simple as this:

1. Create a new TRANSPARENT document in photoshop, not exceeding
320 x 480 pixels and not more than 100 kb

2. place your custom image on this document, you should be able to see the checker background (Transparent).

3. Under file menu, go to "Save for Web".

4. choose PNG 24, and select "Transparent"

5. Save... and you are DONE !

Keep making cool boot-screens and do post loads of Flickr links in Comments section...

Hi all,

Just got the new 2.0 Beta firmware that Apple released for the Developers.
And guess what? Its also for YOU.

Here is the link to the torrent file which contains the 2.0 Beta firmware for the iPhone and the iPod touch.

So what are you waiting for?



Heres the DIY video of Updating to 2.0 and Pwning the iPhone !

So after all, the PWNAGE Tool did release. Now we have the ultimate unlocking tool for the iPhone! Just select te bootloader you want, install apps and make custom firmwares!
Now that sounds pretty interesting! Making ipsw files with pre-loaded software. So now we dont even need to worry about manual backups through various softwares.

Its available for download for Mac from Right Here


And for those who are stuck without WiFi, the iPhone Dev team has also released a WiFi Fix for you guys, so get it now.


Here are some screenshots of the PWNAGE TOOL:

And for the Windows Guys, I think you'll have to wait...