Dear Readers,

I have developed a new application for the iPhone called iAwake. It allows users to keep the iPhone's screen off while letting applications use the WiFi or EDGE Connectivity for Downloads. This app can be useful while downloading videos using MxTube or downloading Music through iSlsk, etc.

It can be downloaded using Installer using the following sources:

Jashsoft Repo:


Here are the screenshots:

Dear Readers,

As you all must have come to know through rumors that the 3G iPhone is expected... But those are just rumors.. So, is it true..? Well, Yes! Sure it is !

Here are the evidences:

1. No iPhone Stock in AT&T Stores
2. No stock on Apple Online Store
3. A Cargo full of goods transported to the US, labeled as "Electronic Computer". No further information given. Nothing like this has happened before...

4. And Finally, The most important evidence !

The Network Settings in the 2.0 Firmware (Beta 5), has the option to toggle 3G !

Don't believe it ! Take a look for yourself!

Well, I have spoken to some of the Apple Employees and they have revealed some information about the new iPhone!

Its going to be a little thicker than the current one. As it has integrated 3G and GPS. And will be fully Glossy Black, even from the back.

And finally, its said to be launched on 9th June.
So.. All we need to do is wait & watch !

Dear Users,

I just found 3 great Utilities for
the iPhone today !!! They are:

1. FWChanger ---> Switch between firmware just with a tap !

2. FileBrowser ---> Cu
t/Copy/Paste with this new File Manager and browse files on the computer as well using the Web Browser and WiFi !

3. Docs ---> Yes its an Office viewer ! You can view Word,Excel, Powerpoint an
d PDF Files on the iPhone without opening Safari !!

I think these are just aweso
me utilities !

AND Now the main Question... Where do you get them ?

Heres the simple answer - All on my iAppCat Repo :

Scroll down for a sneak peak at some screen shots !

1. FWChanger

2. File Browser

A View of FileBrowser on the WebBrowser

3. Docs

Word and Excel File Previews !

I guess those are tempting enough !

Thanks to

Dear Users,

Yet another version of the iPhone 2.0 firmware is out and here for you. Not many changes from Beta 4 but just a few Bug fixes and a new option in Settings called "Fetch New Data" and Locations Toggle switch in General Settings (Must be for the iPhone - Black Edition).
Well, but PushMail works best with this version!

Take a look at some screenshots and download the firmware (From the Link Below) :


Thanks to Mustafizul for this one...