Yes, you read it right. LogMeIn has released a beta version of its LogMeIn Ignition software that gives Apple iPhone and iPod touch users easy, secure access to their remote office and home computers.

With one-click from their iPhone or iPod touch, customers can connect to their computer and work as if they were sitting in front of it. LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone and iPod touch connects to desktops and laptops running LogMeIn Free, LogMeIn Pro or LogMeIn IT Reach and can be used to control Windows-based and Apple computers.

Some of the Key features are:
  • One-touch access to remote access of PC/Mac
  • Full keyboard, mouse, zoom and scroll control using touch screen
  • Securely saves login information
  • Option settings for optimizing the experience of connecting to and controlling the remote computer, including locking the remote computer's keyboard, blanking the screen of the remote computer and screen resolution

When can I get it?
LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone and iPod touch is currently in limited beta. iPhone and iPod touch users interested in applying to participate in the beta can visit LogMeIn site to learn more. LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone and iPod touch is expected to be available through the Apple App Store this holiday season.

The T-Mobile G1 ("iPhone killer") had started shipping just 2 days ago and its already unlocked !!  Yes, its unlocked before the iPhone 3G which was released months ago...

In case, any of you have got a G1 or have switched from the iPhone, heres how to quickly unlock your Android phone:

NOTE: You must have one already activated T-Mobile sim card to do this.

1. Go through setup process to link any Gmail account
2. Go to Settings > Wireless Controls > Wi-Fi Settings > Enable Wi-Fi
3. Look for a Wi-Fi network around you
4. Remove the original sim card and replace with your new unactivated sim card that came with your phone
5. Enjoy!

That's all you need to do in order to get the G1 up and running without having to tie yourself down to a 2-year contract.

Google has announced their famous Google Earth application for the iPhone/iPod touch platform. This application is just the same as Google Earth on a computer. Its available for download via the AppStore for FREE.

Download: AppStore Link

Heres a video:

If you want to use VoIP over 3G and the previously posted Patched Fring did not work for you, then heres the simplest solution to make calls over GPRS/EDGE/3G. It works for both Fring and TruPhone. But this is for Jailbroken iPhones only.

This trick makes the iPhone think that its connected to a WiFi network even though its on GPRS/EDGE/3G. Besides making calls, you can also download Apps larger than 10 MB from AppStore without WiFi and will be able to access iTunes Store.

To get this trick working, follow these steps:
1. Open Cydia
2. Goto Sections --> System
3. Select VoIPover3G package
4. Download it...
5. You're done !!

Now just open Fring/TruPhone and make calls over your data connection (GPRS/EDGE/3G).

Briefcase is just another file storage all for the iPhone. Like AirSharing, TouchFS, MobileFinder, etc. However, this app does not use the normal disk drive mounting via WiFi, but allows Remote Login to a PC or Mac using SSH. So, you can grab a file from your Server or PC emotely and even open files or mount images on your computer from your iPhone. Besides this, its also the first iPhone app to allow files transfers between two iPhones.

Here are some screenshots:

Did you ever wanted to build our own Mobile App but lacked programming skills..?  Well, now you can put your ideas together without any programming knowledge and build your own iPhone App in just a few minutes!  AppLoop has developed an online App Generator that can greate an iPhone App (Android Support coming soon) in just about a minute.

The tool allows users to also create an App by just entering the RSS URL and selection the icon and display colour schemes. However, this service is currently for selected members only. I have applied for it to make an RSS app for The iFone Blog and hope to get the invitation code...

If you are interested in making your own App, visit  and explore their services.

Heres a demonstration video that shows how easy it is to make an iPhone RSS app:

The iPhone DevTeam has posted updates about the 3G unlock progress. They could run a modified baseband, which is a significant achievement but are not sure how much more time will it take for the 3G unlock.

Heres a screenshot that they shared:

And heres a link to the video of the session: View (mov format)

For further details, visit their post, here

Tethering (Using the phone's data connection on the computer, 3G/EDGE/GPRS) is one of the common issues with the iPhone as its not supported. However, there are several solutions to tether your iPhone's data connection to your computer. The oldest solution was to setup TinyProxy on the iPhone and set Firefox and other internet apps to use the iPhone as a Socks Proxy server. Then came NetShare in the AppStore with a simpler solution. But it too needed applications to be set to using Socks Proxy as the iPhone. So every application you want to use (Firefox/MSN Messenger/Google Talk) have to be set to use the iPhone IP as the proxy server.

But today, I have the simplest possible soltion to tether your iPhone's intrnet to your computer in just a matter of seconds without any IP configuration or changing application settings. Its PdaNet. Some of you might know PdaNet as its a tethering app for Windows Mobile. However, its now available for the iPhone. Just goto Cydia (On your jailbroken iPhone) and install PdaNet. Then, setup an Ad-Hoc WiFi connection between your iPhone and computer. (For more information on setting up an Ad-Hoc network, click here). And then fireup the PdaNet application. And you're done! You can access the internet on the laptop just as if you were connected to a WiFi network!!

However, the speed would not be as good as WiFi (But depends weather you are on 3G/EDGE), but its good enough to send mails or blog while you are travelling or have no internet connectivity.

Here are some snapshots of PdaNet and the SpeedTest with my EDGE connection:

The iPhone is an amazing phone with a beautiful OS (inspite of some missing basic features) its the best phone out there!! All the great Apps, Mods and updates.... As the iPhone market is booming, the number of iPhone Developers is also scrouching high at a fast pace.... After all, its the best and most profitable platform for software development.

In case you are learning iPhone App Development or want to learn to make your own Apps, then here are a few resources to get you going. These go right from scratch HelloWorld apps to advanced OpenGLES. So, you can start and learn at your own pace.

1. iPhone DevCentral - Video Tutorials
2. Apps Amuck - Some nice Sample Codes
3. iPhone Dev Center - All you need is here
4. Need help? Goto Hackint0sh forums

If you have more resources, please leave the links in the comments...

Do you miss the Copy/Paste and MS Office and Forwarding messages on your iPhone...? Well, Apple hasen't done anything about it yet, but you do have a solution. Its BootCamp for iPhone! Yes, the same dual boot on Mac that allows Mac OS and Windows on run on the same machine.
Norwegian developer Erik Kristiansen has developed an open-source application that allows users to select the Mac OS Mobile or Windows Mobile at startup. Once you select the OS, it will boot immediately and you have all features working as if it was a Windows Mobile phone!

Take a look at the video:

Apple has launched a worldwide tour of presentations covering the iPhone application development tools and related technologies. The event is free but space is limited. So Register Now...

Here are the dates for respective venues:

As you all must have known by now that Fring for iPhone is in the AppStore and has reached the Top 5 Apps List. However, according to Apple's SDK rules, it allows VoIP calls only over WiFi networks. But a recent patch allows calls over EDGE/3G/WiFi.

To Install the patch, follow these steps:
1. Get the patch from link below the post
2. Install Fring from AppStore
3. Uninstall Fring from iPhone
4. Open the downloaded file on PC/Mac with iTunes
5. Sync your iPhone ! Voila, you're done !!

Link to Patch (Rapidshare): Download 3G Patched Fring

The iPhone DevTeam have been working on the unlock for the iPhone 3G for a long time now... And today, they have posted a technical update on their blog. Its a new exploit that they have found and they will hopefully come up with an unlock solution soon.....

Heres the details posted (If you understand it):

More details @ DevTeam blog: Link to Post

As I had posted the events of the Lets Rock event, Apple had released the 4th Gen iPod Nanos with the Nano-chromatography concept. There are several taking inspirations from Apple. The "iPhone killer" (as its named), HTC Touch Diamond with iPhone-like touch interface, has taken the concept of Nano-chromatography to the HTC Touch Diamond.

Take a look.....

Apple's Nano-chromatic iPods

HTC's new Nano-chromatic Touch Diamonds

They are the HTC Chromaic !

We were surprised to see the HTC Diamond coming in white, like the iPhone, but those in France now have the opportunity to pick up the Diamond in one of the HTC-chromatic colours- White, blue, brown, fuchsia, yellow, purple or red....