In my previous post, I had written about the unofficial version of QuickPwn for Windows. However, the DevTeam has now announced the official release of PwnageTool and QuickPwn for Mac. It will unlock the latest firmware 2.2.1

I will post as soon as the Windows versions are officially launched.

Here are the Downloads:

QuickPwn for Mac
PwnageTool for Mac

Although the DevTem has not oficially announced the firmware 2.2.1 unlock, QuickPwn 2.2.1 is now available for download. Currently only available for Windows, QuickPwn will jailbreak the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and first-gen iPod touch running 2.2.1. However, those intending to unlock their iPhone 3G should not jailbreak with this method as upgrading with the stock 2.2.1 package will also upgrade the baseband (and lock the phone).

QuickPwn 2.2.1 is available for Windows. Download Now

MacRumors has discovered that Apple's iPhone 2.2.1 firmware has evidence of the next generation iPhone which has been mentioned as "iPhone2,1". The iPhone is "iPhone1,1" and the iPhone 3G is "iPhone1,2". So, this is definitely a new one.

These numbers do not change for simple storage increases and instead represent functionally different devices. Similarly, the iPod Touch was originally introduced as the "iPod 1,1" and the most recent hardware revision was labeled "iPod2,1". The 2,1 iPod Touch added a speaker, volume controls, microphone support and a much faster processor than the 1st generation model. This new model number can be found in the USBDeviceConfiguration.plist in an unencrypted firmware.

Can it be the previously thought iPhone Nano ? Let's wait and watch....

Via MacRumors

Apple has just updated the firmware for the iPhone and the iPod touch to 2.2.1. The list looks like it is mostly bug fixes and stability improvements, but we're still searching for a full list of all the changes.

You can upgrade your phone or iPod's firmware by selecting, "Check for updates" in iTunes.

After a long wit for Copy and Paste on the iPhone, several apps are pouring in. First, PasteBud and then Clippy Beta. Both were amazing apps, but Clippy was the ultimate app as it allowed copy and paste across all applications and was embedded right to the virtual keyboard.

However, now we have another great copy/paste application. Its hClipboard (available via Cydia). It allows you to enable and disable the copy/paste functionality from the stock settings app. And besides, it allows you to store multiple clippings in the clipboard!  Now you can have several pieces of text onto the clipboard and can use them whenever you want and delete them or keep them as you want.

Here's a preview:

Thanks to Brooke for the screenshots.

MeDevil has posted a video demonstrating the first file transfer between an iPhone and a PC using Bluetooth. The video shows the ability to receive files via the 2 profiles obex: "push" and "file transfer".

Here's the video:

Tired of waiting for Copy and Paste on the iPhone? Well, now the wait is over. Clippy allows you to copy and paste in any app using the keyboard. You can download Clippy from Cydia.
Note: Clippy is still in Beta and you may experience a few glitches.

So, now you can Copy and paste between notes and mail:

Or even look up for addresses in Maps:

RipDev has released a new utility called JuiceDrop which allows users to transfer files to the iPhone/iPod touch via USB using drag-and-drop. It turns your iPhone/iPod touch into a USB data drive so that you can carry your data along with you. To use this app, do don't need to jailbreak your phone! However, you cannot view the files from the iPhone (unless you use MobileFinder or other apps that can access the file system).

JuiceDrop is availeble for both Mac and Windows. There's no iPhone client needed.

You can download it from here:
Download Mac version
Download Windows version

RipDev has announced that Installer 4.0 is out of beta and have released the final stable release. They say that from the last beta to the final release, they have added Greek, Russian and Ukranian localizations, redone the interface for speed and fixed a bunch of bugs.

To get Installer, visit RipDevs Installer page.

Here's a screenshot:

MacWorld 2009 is the last MacWorld and a historic one as Steve Jobs will not be giving the keynote (one of the most shocking news). This time, I will be covering MacWorld 09 keynote LIVE using CoverItLive. So you can get live updates instantly about whats going on at MacWorld. I will also be posting pictures of new product launches.

So, register yourself for free for MacWorld 09 updates on MacWorld 09 Updates website and I will post further instructions on the live blog URL.

Hope to see you....

On most of the Apple related blogs and sites, people are speaking of the Dream iPhone. An iPhone with a front camera, sliding QWERTY keyboard, optical zoom and great memory. There are a few versions designed by Matt.They include the iPhone Elite and the iPhone Pro.

Gizmodo has also prepared an iPhone Pro alternative. Take a look....

The iPhone Dev Team has just released the world’s first iPhone 3G Software unlock.

You must be upgraded to the 2.2 Baseband (2.28.00) in order to use the unlock. The application is a small daemon that is launched on boot and also whenever there is a baseband reset, you won’t know anything about it (apart from the use of the third-party SIM) it is small and unobtrusive, there is no GUI, this is by design.

There is a known issue with SIM cards that have STK (SIM Toolkit) application menus, these menus are usually items such as “top up” “get credit” etc. These menu items confuse the application sometimes, removing and reinserting the SIM fixes this issue.

Want to unlock your iPhone 3G ?
Use iClarified's iPhone 3G Unlock Guide

Happy New Year to all ! Sorry for not blogging all these days... but I was at a holiday in Dubai. Just returned today after 10 days.

Stay tuned for all news cover-up.