The iPhone Bluetooth progress is going great. Everyday, there are great progress reports. But today there is a great hack done. The iPhone 3G has been hacked to use the Apple Wireless keyboard over bluetooth !

Here's the video:

Hope to see it available to all soon...

There has been a great progress in bluetooth development by MeDevil. Now, it is possible to transfer files between an iPhone and a Mac !

In a screenshot by Ralf Ackermann, a duplex connection is made between an iPhone using its internal BT adapter and a mac mini with a BT module serially attached to it. The iPhone sends out a message to the Mac saying "hello_can_you_hear_me?" and the Mac is able to respond to the iPhone with, "I_hear_you_loud_and_clear".

Here's what MeDevil has to say:

The version you see on video is not yet complete because the profiles implement only the "server" (the one that deals with the receipt). To complete the app you need to finish the part on the client profile obex push and complete the profile pbap that the exchange of contacts between the devices.

Vic Gundotra, Vice President of engineering at Google has demonstrated an offline version of Gmail for the iPhone. The app relies on HTML5 standards which allow for a local database and app cache. These standards allow your device to save a copy of your Gmail locally for access while your phone is in Airport mode or out of service. When you go back online the database could sync back with Gmail.

Here's the presentation video:

If you have not seen the Dream iPhone post, you can see it here.

There are further great iPhone concept developments, take a look:

TapSB is an upcoming SpingBoard mod that will make switching between SpringBoard pages quicker and easier.

On double tap of your SpringBoard, TapSB will display thumbnail versions of 6 different pages. Press to select the one you'd like to quickly switch to.

The TapSB application will be available soon from the iSpazio Cydia Repository.

Google has released a new service called Google Sync that syncs all your Mails and Contacts between your computer and mobile phone via Exchange. Its compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Sony Ericsson and Nokia. The service also provides push mail and contacts. Currently the service is in beta and does not support multiple calenders.

Go configure Google Sync, visit Google Mobile Sync

Here are instructions for the iPhone: Google Sync - iPhone


iDrive provides online storage and backup to Mac and Windows users. They have Free and Paid services for different users. I have been using iDrive on my Mac for a year now and its a really great service. Though sometimes it takes a long time to upload files.
iDrive has launched a new App called iDrive lite in the AppStore that allows you to backup your phone to the cloud. (Note: Currently it only supports Contacts, Photos and more coming soon).

Download Now (App Store)

Electronic Arts is preparing for the launch of the most awaited game for the iPhone and iPod touch - Need For Speed Undercover. EA has said that the game will be hitting the AppStore in March this year and will be available for a price tag of $9.99

Here's a sneak peak st NFS Undercover:

Are you an iPhone developer or a beta tester ? Then I have a really great resource for you. Its, the ultimate place where you can exchange your development resources and place your beta app to the testers. Beta testers can find all iPhone beta apps and chose the ones they want to try out and can later submit feedback. All this can be done right from a cool Dashboard.
Here's a look: