DevTeam has made a video demonstrating the iPhone 3G unlock on Qik. Codename: YellowSn0w

Video Summary: MuscleNerd is demonstrating the 3G unlock by inserting a t-Mobile SIM in the locked iPhone 3G and logging on as root user vis SSH on the iPhone from the Mac. He then executes the YellowSn0w command and Voila its unlocked !!!

Release: New Year's Eve.

Here's the video:

iDealsChina has posted images of what they believe to be a case for an iPhone Nano. Yes, rumours have spread about the release of iPhone Nano !!

No more speculating, the new iPhone is a Nano Phone ! We just got these images of a silicone case design by for the new Nano iPhone. This case is in production. We are not sure when they will release it on their site. The XSKN designs will give you an idea of the shape and size of the new Nano iPhone. These rumors are of course unconfirmed but it would be interesting if the rumored $99 Wal-Mart iPhone might in fact be the iPhone Nano.

There are been many efforts to bring copy/paste to the iPhone. First was iCopy to copy and paste within Safari and then Zag White (Creator of MagicPad) came up with OpenClip which could allow Copy/Paste between all applications using the OpenClip framework. And now, we have Pastebud. It allows Copy/Paste within Safari and Mail application.
To setup Pastebud on your iPhone, visit from the iPhone or from your computer if you want to set it up easily and then Sync your iPhone.

Lets hope, Apple realises that users need copy/paste!! and they soon realize that the iPhone should have native Copy/Paste.