So as the news has spread, an Apple employee (Grey Powell) lost the next gen. iPhone prototype in a bar and another person got it. He tried to return it back to Apple and failed. Gizmodo then purchased the prototype for $5000 and exposed it to the masses. Apple then contacted Gizmodo asking for the prototype back. That's the fiasco in a nutshell.

Here is a picture of the next gen. iPhone (more on Gizmodo):

Its April and the next major iPhone OS release is here. iPhone OS 4. So whats new? There are over 100 new features, but here are 7 major features that were demoed at the event:

1. Multitasking.

Apple has finally added multi-tasking to the iPhone. Its an essential feature when you have apps for music streaming and instant messaging. Now you can double tap the home screen to multi-task!

Note: This only works on the iPhone 3GS and 3rd gen iPod touch.

2. Folders.

With more apps, comes more icon space. Apple has introduced folders to add multiple app icons to. Just drag an app icon on top of the other to make them in a folder. Pretty nice implementation!

3. Enhanced Mail Application.

Mails displayed together from all mailboxes and threaded grouping of mail (like Gmail). Nice enhancement.

4. iBooks.

Apple's own eBook application is now on the iPhone so they can get over some Kindle book sales. Nothing major about this feature. Not exactly a feature, I would call it a new iPhone app by Apple.

5. Enterprise.

Multiple Exchange Accounts! Finally!! Along with Data Encryption using user PIN. Also SSL VPN and some other enhancements!

6. Game Center.

If you play games, this app allows you to connect with friends over the internet and other people for multiplayer games. This feature will be available by the end of the year.

7. iAd.

This is my favorite feature of the event. Apple is famous not for what their devices are capable of, but how they allow you to do those thing. iAds redefines mobile advertising. Its the most amazing creation in the field of advertising. It allows HTML5 ads within apps and are displayed as pop-over containers rather than in Safari.

Firmware Release Details:

Not for first gen. iPhone. iPhone 3GS and 3rd Gen iPod touch have all features. iPhone 3G and 2nd gen. iPod touch have most of the features except multi-tasking.

Firmware available to Developers. Release in Summer 2010. iPad version will release in Fall 2010.


The keynote is now live, watch it on: Apple