The Mac users get the chance to unlock their iPhone first due to the PwnageTool for Mac and Windows guys have to wait for the WinPwn version. However, this time it was the opposite, QuickPwn was released for Windows and the Mac users had to wait if they wanted to unlock their iPhone without Restoring. But the wait is finally over and the iPhone DevTeam has released QuickPwn for Mac.

Heres a screenshot:

DOWNLOAD QuickPwn for Mac

WinPwn version 2.5 is the most awaited version of WinPwn due to its new interface and some new capabilities. After some delay, WinPwn 2.5 Beta 1 is finally released to the masses ! This version of WinPwn has the following features:

  • QuickPwn Support for 2.0/2.0.1/2.0.2
  • Root partition resize support
  • Installer support
  • Basic / Expert modes
  • Wizard style interface
  • Automatic updater
  • Support for WinXP and Vista 32/64bit.
DOWNLOAD WinPwn 2.5 Beta 1

BestBuy is going to start selling the iPhone 3G from September 7. But unfortunately it will have to be purchased in-store and have to be activated with AT&T in the store. Users cannot buy it online and activate it like the old iPhone. But we can soon expect to have a way to buy the iPhone 3G online.

Heres the mail from BestBuy:

XiPhone is a GUI version of the platform independant PwnageTool - XPwn. It has the following features:

  • Auto downloading of stock firmware files from apple’s site
  • Wizard based modern GUI (created with .net 2.0), and Vista Style UI.
  • Export of firmware settings so users can pass around an XML file which contains a configuration that works for them.
  • Auto updates to the XiPhone software.
  • Community based wallpapers used for Bootscreen, Restore screen and others
  • Enabling / Disabling of options available based on the device you select.
These features make it one of the most interesting Pwnage Tools available.

Here are some of the first screenshots:

The DevTeam has just released the PwnageTool 2.0.3 which includes the following features:

  • Support for iPhone/iPod touch firmware 2.0.2 5C1
  • Updated version of beta 6
  • New .de localization for German speaking users

Download from DevTeam Blog

Finally, iPhone gets copy and paste between applications. However, it doesn't come from Apple, but from MagicPad developer Zac White. Cali Lewis, from GeekBrief, got the scoop on his new OpenClip open-source framework, which will enable any developer to implement copy and paste between applications without violating Apple's developer agreement.

OpenClip creates a shared space on the iPhone and the applications that use OpenClip have read and write access to the shared space. So, the application does not have to run in the background and any app that uses OpenClip can use the shared space as the Clipboard for Copying and Pasting.

Heres a video of Cali Lewis from GeekBrief with the OpenClip video from the developer:

Apple has released the Firmware 2.0.2 for the iPhone and iPod touch. The update is available via iTunes.

NOTE: There is no jailbreak/unlock released for this firmware yet.

Pwning is the best solution for unlocking and jailbreaking the iPhone. However, some still prefer other unlock methods like ZiPhone just because its easy to use and just needs a click by the user. On the other hand Pwnage is not so easy to use and needs a custom firmware and a complete Restore using iTunes. The iPhone DevTeam has now come up with a solution to this. Its QuickPwn. Users can now unlock and jailbreak the iPhone without Restoring with iTunes. QuickPwn is in its beta and is for Windows only. Other OS support is coming soon.

QuickPwn currently needs a iPhone/iPod touch with firmware 2.0.1 and is available for download.

Download QuickPwn
Download QuickPwn with GUI

The DevTeam has released the new PwnageTool 2.0.2 with the new Firmware 2.0.1 Unlock and with Installer 4 Beta and the latest Cydia Packager. It is available for download from the following Mirrors (From DevTeam Blog):


Waiting for the iPhone 3G to release in your country? Well, Apple has just announced that it will be releasing the iPhone 3G on August 22 in the following countries with the carriers mentioned.
The iPhone you have been waiting for.....

Apple has finally released the Firmware 2.0.1 which is available through iTunes. Nothing new except a few bug fixes. However, one great change is the faster backup with iTunes without disabling anything.

WARNING: Do not upgrade now. PwnageTool or WinPwn does not work with 2.0.1 yet.

UPDATE: Heres a post by DevTeam: Link

The wait is finally over and Installer 4 Beta is now out ! However the final stable release may take some while, the Beta is as good as the stable one. Anyways, heres how to quickly get it on your iPhone:

1. Download from:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

2. Extract zip file.

3. SSH the folder into your /Applications folder.

4. Run this command via terminal: chmod -R 777 /Applications/

5. Also Run this command via terminal: chmod a+srx /Applications/

6. Respring or Restart your iPhone or iPod Touch.

And there you go !!!