BestBuy is going to start selling the iPhone 3G from September 7. But unfortunately it will have to be purchased in-store and have to be activated with AT&T in the store. Users cannot buy it online and activate it like the old iPhone. But we can soon expect to have a way to buy the iPhone 3G online.

Heres the mail from BestBuy:


  1. Shawn  

    Yeah, I found that a bit odd that they wouldn't let you activate it at home anymore. My concern was that I was listening to my old iPhone in the car on the way down, and had no tunes for the way back. Thus, with no music on the new iPhone (cause they won't transfer anything for you either) I thought I was going to bummed. However, your old iPhone will lose internet and calling abilities immediately, but it will continue to serve as a very expensive iPod.

    Still, no regrets.

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