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The iFone Blog hits the 300 Users mark and are getting more and more users everyday ! Now we have users all over the globe; according to the latest Google Analytics report.
Here is a map overlay of this week:

Most of our users are from North America and Western Europe. Our Web-traffic prediction chart shows over 40,000 User visits for the next month ! We hope that our users keep visiting the blog and make the most out of the rich content on our blog.

To keep a track of our users, we have made a Database that will contain the list of all our visitors.
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NOTE: Your information will be kept securely and user privacy is respected. The user database will not be opened/exchanged with third parties. The motive of this Database is just to keep a track of our proud users.

However, please fill out the form below and join The iFone Blog Community ! We will be proud to have you as a member of our community !


  1. Beat  

    Hi Jash, I can't find your answer concerning my comment about exchange and beta version 2.0 ....

  2. Jash Sayani  

    Hi Beat,

    Its in the post that you had commented on.
    Check the comments on "Psst.. I have the 2.0 Beta Firmware".

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