Dear Readers,

As you all must have come to know through rumors that the 3G iPhone is expected... But those are just rumors.. So, is it true..? Well, Yes! Sure it is !

Here are the evidences:

1. No iPhone Stock in AT&T Stores
2. No stock on Apple Online Store
3. A Cargo full of goods transported to the US, labeled as "Electronic Computer". No further information given. Nothing like this has happened before...

4. And Finally, The most important evidence !

The Network Settings in the 2.0 Firmware (Beta 5), has the option to toggle 3G !

Don't believe it ! Take a look for yourself!

Well, I have spoken to some of the Apple Employees and they have revealed some information about the new iPhone!

Its going to be a little thicker than the current one. As it has integrated 3G and GPS. And will be fully Glossy Black, even from the back.

And finally, its said to be launched on 9th June.
So.. All we need to do is wait & watch !


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