Some Quick News on whats going on at WWDC 08 !

1. iPhone SDK v1.0 Released!

New PUSH Features for Reports to Developers

2. 2.0 Firmware Introduced

Free for iPhone, $ 9.95 for iPod Touch

3. Firmware 2.0 Features

--> Contacts Search

--> Bulk Move and Delete

4. .Mac Rebranding !!!

New 2.0 Web Interface with great Sync features

Stay tuned for more News........


  1. haque100  

    hello Jash,
    I am moving to Bangladesh next month and would like to use my iPhone there. But don't know how to setup the EDGE functionality for the Bangladesh service provider. I have the APN for the service provider but don't know how exactly to enter all that info. sorry for posting here. If you could email me directly @ it will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Jash Sayani  

    Ok. I have E-mailed you the procedure...

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