Apple has just updated its SDK with better GPS and Location Based Services support and has released the new 2.1 Beta Firmware to the members enrolled for the developers program.

So, we are soon going to have a firmware update. But what difference does it make? Well, the new Firmware 2.1 is expected to have 5 new pre-installed applications by Apple, according to the Localized Application Names string file found in the System folder via SSH. Here are the 5 apps:

1. - A native Radio app for listening to Online Radio channels.

2. - Pair your Mac's wireless keyboard with the iPhone for surfing!

3. - A native Converter app for the iPhone.

4. - A language translator, I suppose.

5. Business app. - Linked to AddressBook, so I guess it lets you search up businesses and numbers, addresses, etc.

Heres a screenshot of the findings:

SOURCE: Technicality Blog


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