As we all know that iPhone cant be activated at our homes now as it has to be done in the store. As Steve had said that they will be doing "In store activation".

So, well, how do they do it in the store? Apple has released a special version of iTunes with Store Activation mode in it. And you got it right! Its leaked!

Well, I just got both, the Windows and the Mac versions. And as usual, they are for you too! (Links at end of post).

Will be releasing a video about it in some time. So stay tuned...




Instructions on toggling the StoreActivation Mode and StoreGenius Mode:
[Thanks to ChronicProductions]

== Introduction ==
Execute these commands in Terminal

== Store Activation Mode ==

=== On ===
In terminal:
defaults write StoreActivationMode -boolean YES

=== Off ===
In terminal:
defaults write StoreActivationMode -boolean NO

== Store Genius Mode ==

=== On ===
In terminal:
defaults write StoreGeniusMode -boolean YES

=== Off ===
In terminal:
defaults write StoreGeniusMode -boolean NO


  1. rpettys  

    Now, any ideas on how to get the iPhone? What good is the download without the phone. The way I see it you either steal the phone, or take your credit history, and SSN into an Apple store or ATT store and purchase the iPhone WITH a two year contract. No other way right now.
    What am I missing?

  2. element  


    You are missing a first generation iPhone upgraded to 2.0 ;-)

    Regards from Central America and proud owner since Nov, 2007...

  3. Jash Sayani  

    Well we can use the Pwnage Tool 1.2 that will help in unlocking the 2.0 firmware update...

    As far as the iPhone 3G is concerned, a week is left for the release, so maybe just wait and watch for now...

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