Well, I have successfully upgraded to 2.0 firmware as seen on my Pwnage Tutorial. Its been some time now and I have tried several Apps & Games on my iPhone 2.0 and after testing all of them, I have come up with this "must have" list of some really useful Apps & Games.

First, here's my iPhone 2.0 with AppStore on right screenshot:

Now heres the list of Apps & Games with screenshots and description after the list:

"Must have" Apps:
  • Google Mobile App
  • reQall
  • Evernote
  • Funambol
  • NetNewsWire
  • ShoZu
  • MoPhoTo
  • Remote
  • Twitterific
  • Facebook

"Must have" Games:
  • Spinner
  • JirboBreak
  • SuperMonkeyBall (Paid)

Detailed Review

Google Mobile App

Google Mobile App is a Google Enhanced Safari browser with Search capabilities added to it. It searched for Contacts & Web and maintains a separate Web History of searches so you can refer to your searches in the future. Heres a screenshot:


reQall is a ToDo and a Reminder app that Syncs to the web so that you can review your tasks by logging in to your web account on the PC. However, its specialty is that it allows you to record a Voice Note which is converted to text after some processing. An E-mail is sent to you once its processed into text. So, its a very helpful Speech-to-Text ToDo Utility that can Sync to the web! Heres a screenshot:


Evernote is another ToDo utility but its a little more graphical. You can make text notes, voice notes, picture notes and sync directly to the web and access them through web or a Windows/Mac client. Heres a screenshot:


Funambol is a Over-the-air (OTA) Sync app that allows you to take a backup of all your contacts just wait a click, so you can access them online or with Outlook or restore them on devices like some other Symbian phones. However, Calendar and Notes Sync features will be added in the next release. You can also host your own backup server with Funambol Open-source kit that enables you to make backups on your own server and use this app to Sync. Heres a screenshot:


NetNewsWire is a RSS feeds reader that allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds on the iPhone or on the NetNewsWire online account and then it Syncs the RSS feed lists. It also has capabilities to Import feed lists that are exported by some other Reader like GoogleReader, however this has to be done online. Heres a screenshot:


ShoZu is a image uploading tool that uploads images to tons of providers like Flickr, Photobucket, Wordpress, Twitter, etc. So, if you dont have MobileMe and want the capability to upload pics as soon as you click them, then this is for you. You can later organise them using Safari and share them on the go ! Heres a screenshot:


MoPhoTo is a Web-album viewer that can view your albums on Flickr, Photobucket, etc. so you can browse your online pics or see some albums that you have just recieved from friends... Its a nice app if you are always on the go and want to see pics. Heres a screenshot:


Remote is the well-known iTunes controller by Apple. It acts as the Apple Remote shipped with Macs. However, this one has better controls like viewing media on the iPhone screen as well. If you have a multimedia computer such as a Mac mini or a HP media computer, then this app can turn your iPhone into a good WiFi iTunes remote. Heres the screenshot:


Twitterific is a Twitter client for iPhone. Though there are many others like Twnikle, this one is the best of all as it has more features and is a well-known Twitter client for Macs as well. So, if you Twitter all the time, this is the best app for you. Heres a screenshot:


This one is the more polished and more feature enriched version of the Facebook webapp. It has a simple interface with Feeds, Your Profile, Friends, Chat and Indox. So, if you are into Social Networking and hang around on Facebook all day, this is the app for you. Heres a screenshot:


Spinner is a simple game where you have to make the ball reach the hole without letting it hit the walls. It uses the accelerometer pretty and is a good time waster. Also its a freewares, so its not a bad idea giving it a try. Heres a screenshot:

Jirbo Break

Jirbo Break is the old Brick game on the iPod with bricks at the top of the screen and a ball that you have to hit with, without letting the ball ball down. But, this one has very good graphics and nice controls. So, when you take-off your finger from the screen, the game pauses and as soon as you touch the ball-pad on the screen, the game is resumed. This one is free for a limited time only, so you might want to get it soon. Heres a screenshot:

Super Monkey Ball

Theres nothing much to say about this game as its hyped equal to the iPhone and is well known. But for those not aware, this game is by SEGA, made for gaming consoles and ported to the iPhone. Basically, you just have to make the monkey get the bananas for extra lives and points and have to reach the ring without falling off. However, its a little expensive with a price tag of $9.99, if you think its a little too much for an iPhone game, you are right its just an accelerametor based game. And for the rest, this is a "Must try" game, it unleshes the whole iPhone gaming experience. So, just get it and play it. Heres a screenshot:


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