WinPwn - The Windows version of PwnageTool is out with version 2. So, now the Windows users can easily Pwn their iPhones to the 2.0 firmware from Windows XP/Vista. It has he same features that the PwnageTool 2 for Mac has and a similar user-frienly interface. So, now Windows users can also create their custom made 2.0 firmware image within minutes!



  1. MasterZeid****  

    i had an 1.1.4 installed and i download 1.2 from itunes and installed winpwn 2 to create a custom 1.2 but i later found out that the size was 1kb and the original was 230mb so i have to restore with the original an now i have a locked 1.2 iphone i cannot use

  2. ningnang  

    Could you please post a mirror.. some idiots here tried to hack rapidshare and they have blocked a series of IP addresses which includes my ISP too... Please please please post a mirror... thanks a lot in advance

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