Old iPhone 1.1.1 Unlockers are aware of iPhoneSIMFreer. It was a SIM unlocking application like AnySIM. However, iPhoneSIMFreer has now come up with the iPhone 3G unlock. Not a software unlock, but a SIM Adapter just like TurboSIM/StealthSIM. It has been tested by the iPhone DevTeam.

Here are the features mentioned by iPhoneSIMFreer:

  • It Costs - US $ 24.99
  • Works out of the box.
  • No need to cut your SIM card. Plug and Play!
  • No jailbreak Required.
  • No Need Fireware Modificatioin.
  • Workes With 2.0.2 Firmware.
  • Any iPhone 3G from any country - US/UK/INDIA.
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee (Shipping cost No refund).


  1. Rodrigo  

    Can you post the link where iPhoneDev Team says that they tested?

  2. Anonymous  

    Will it still run any carrier's 3G service after being unlocked?

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