The iPhone is an amazing phone with a beautiful OS (inspite of some missing basic features) its the best phone out there!! All the great Apps, Mods and updates.... As the iPhone market is booming, the number of iPhone Developers is also scrouching high at a fast pace.... After all, its the best and most profitable platform for software development.

In case you are learning iPhone App Development or want to learn to make your own Apps, then here are a few resources to get you going. These go right from scratch HelloWorld apps to advanced OpenGLES. So, you can start and learn at your own pace.

1. iPhone DevCentral - Video Tutorials
2. Apps Amuck - Some nice Sample Codes
3. iPhone Dev Center - All you need is here
4. Need help? Goto Hackint0sh forums

If you have more resources, please leave the links in the comments...


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