Do you miss the Copy/Paste and MS Office and Forwarding messages on your iPhone...? Well, Apple hasen't done anything about it yet, but you do have a solution. Its BootCamp for iPhone! Yes, the same dual boot on Mac that allows Mac OS and Windows on run on the same machine.
Norwegian developer Erik Kristiansen has developed an open-source application that allows users to select the Mac OS Mobile or Windows Mobile at startup. Once you select the OS, it will boot immediately and you have all features working as if it was a Windows Mobile phone!

Take a look at the video:


  1. Anonymous  

    were can we download it??? installer, cydia, appstore. Whats the app name

  2. Jon  

    You have got to be kidding me! WM sucks compared to iPhone OS! Still, since no SlingPlayer yet for iPhone, this would be interesting just for that...

  3. Jash Sayani  

    Its still in the Beta. A public version will soon be available...

    Yeah, the iPhone OS is definately better! There are apps for Windows Mobile that try to make WinMobile look like the iPhone OS! But some things like SMS Forwarding, Business card sending via SMS, Copy/Paste, etc. are missing on the iPhone OS...

  4. Anonymous  

    but when the public version is comming out???

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