If you want to use VoIP over 3G and the previously posted Patched Fring did not work for you, then heres the simplest solution to make calls over GPRS/EDGE/3G. It works for both Fring and TruPhone. But this is for Jailbroken iPhones only.

This trick makes the iPhone think that its connected to a WiFi network even though its on GPRS/EDGE/3G. Besides making calls, you can also download Apps larger than 10 MB from AppStore without WiFi and will be able to access iTunes Store.

To get this trick working, follow these steps:
1. Open Cydia
2. Goto Sections --> System
3. Select VoIPover3G package
4. Download it...
5. You're done !!

Now just open Fring/TruPhone and make calls over your data connection (GPRS/EDGE/3G).


  1. Richard Hurst  

    Hi, have installed the package but cannot connect to Truphone or itunes. Both say i need a wifi connection

  2. Jash Sayani  

    Hi. I have tested it on Fring, AppStore and iTunes. All work fine. Can't say about TruPhone as I use Fring.

    I would suggest a Reinstall of the package and a Reboot.

  3. Richard Hurst  

    Hi, done that and still the same. yours is the first thing i have installed from cydia. do i need something else added as well

  4. Jash Sayani  

    Well, I have all basic System components installed from Cydia. But I am not aware of any pre-requests for the app. However check if you have BSD Subsystem installed.

  5. Richard Hurst  

    Can't find bsd subsystem on cydia??

  6. Boosey12  

    Thanks a lot!!, i've been trying to explain to people via PM's to get the fring patch downloaded via SSH, and it's been pretty hectic. This works LIKE A CHARM and it's QUICK!!!...

    I appreciate it!

  7. Randhir Vieira  

    I can't even download the package - it says source error - size mismatch. How big is the package?

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