Though the iPhone has Bluetooth, you cannot use it completely. Apple has restricted OBEX support and has only enabled audio transfer with Bluetooth headsets. This keeps you away from transfering files over Bluetooth. This is mainly to avoid Music Piracy and make users use the iTunes Store on the iPhone.

However, an iPhone Bluetooth Team had been working on a Bluetooth project for the iPhone to allow OBEX file transfer. The team has now made significant progress in their work. According to an iSpazio report, MeDevil and others working on the iPhone Bluetooth Project ( have made some interesting progress. Through an application, developed by MeDevil, and the terminal, they were able to search and find two other bluetooth devices (a SonyEricsson phone and an Hackintosh) from the iPhone.

Here are some details on what they have achieved:
1. We have been able to initialise bluetooth in objective-c, linking to apples private frameworks, through only reverse engineering.
2. We were able to talk in raw Host Controller Interface code, i.e. close to binary communications, using only POSIX functions that are available in any standard C library.
3. To do that we had to initialise the BlueCore6-ROM type integrated circuit found on the iPhone 3g over a UART transport, formulate HCI packets and read the response.


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