As expected, Apple just unveiled firmware 3.0. The new firmware has tons of great features. Some are basic and had to be present right from the start, but they are finally there now. Most importnat features are.... You guessed right. Firmware 3.0 has MMS support and Cut/Copy/Paste! Thanks Apple, you finally realized that people do need Copy and Paste!!

Here is a complete list of features:

  • MMS
  • Copy ans Paste
  • SMS Forwarding
  • CalDAV support
  • Landscape SMS and Mail
  • Notes Sync
  • YouTube Accounts
  • Create iTunes account from iPhone
However, this firmware will not support iPhone 2G, its only for the iPhone 3G and iPod touch.

This firmware will unlock the Bluetooth in the 3nd gen iPod touch.

Here are a few highlights of the event:
  • iPhone 3.0 Firmware
  • iPhone Accessories
  • Paid AppStore
  • iPhone Accessories
  • Push Notification System
  • New SDK with tons of API features
A few snapshots of the event:


  1. Anonymous  

    this is inaccurate.

    the firmware *is* available for the first generation iphone. the features that are *not* available within the 3.0 os are a2dp and mms.

    there is also no third generation ipod touch.

  2. Nigel  

    Correct, with the exception of the features identified above, everything applies to iPhone 2G

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