September 9th is the next Apple event and there's a lot of speculation going on about what to expect. For the iPhone users, here are things to expect:

Background apps for iPhone
Apple will finally be allowing AppStore apps to run in the background. However, this will come with a monthly price. Loopt (Social networking app) will be the first to offer it's app running in the background at $3.99/mo. along with your AT&T bill.

Official MMS Support for iPhone
Though firmware 3.0 has MMS capability, Apple and AT&T will be officially announcing MMS support for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. For iPhone 2G users, you can get MMS functionality via Cydia.

Ringtones for your iPhone
There have been hundreds of blog posts about how to convert an MP3 file to an iPhone ringtone, but now Apple might announce the avablity of iPhone ringtones from iTunes store. This will include all popular songs in form of ringtones for the iPhone.

So far, this is it. But I will update the post if something else comes up for the iPhone section.


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