Dear Users,

Yet another version of the iPhone 2.0 firmware is out and here for you. Not many changes from Beta 4 but just a few Bug fixes and a new option in Settings called "Fetch New Data" and Locations Toggle switch in General Settings (Must be for the iPhone - Black Edition).
Well, but PushMail works best with this version!

Take a look at some screenshots and download the firmware (From the Link Below) :


Thanks to Mustafizul for this one...


  1. Anonymous  

    I need this same torrent only for the ipod touch

  2. Jash Sayani  

    This is the iPhone blog so I post the iPhone firmwares.. and there is no iPod touch firmware for this version currently...

    If you want the 2.0 Beta firmware for the iPod, browse thorugh my older post where the link to the First Beta is posted. That torrent has firmwares for both the devices...

  3. Anonymous  

    nice so you offer a link to download ... i download it and it bricks my iphone... and i know your not responsible but you erase my comments for help? comeon

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