Many people have been asking weather they can use their iPhone as a storage drive and mount it on the computer so that they can easily drag and drop files. Well, the answer is Yes! For both Windows and Mac users !

The only drawback is that you should have a jailbroken iPhone. I have tried both methods with my iPhone and it works flawlessly!

Is your iPhone ready for Mounting?
If you gave installed OpenSSH on your iPhone, then Yes! If not, open Cydia and search for OpenSSH in the "System: category and install it.

Getting the computer ready.

For Windows:
You need to download and install the software SftpDrive from: SftpDrive Website
And then install the software on your computer.

Now, its time to configure the software to mount the iPhone. Type the following information:

Drive Name: iPhone
Server: IP Address of iPhone connected to WiFi
Port: 22 (Default SFTP port)
Username: root
Password: alpine (default)
Directory: Show the entire directory

Now hit the Connect button. The window should look like this:

You should see a drive named "iPhone" in My Computer. Drive "E:" in this case:

Now just browse through the files, copy/paste and delete. After you are done, just click on the Magnet icon in the system tray and click on the disconnect button.

For Mac:
You need to download and install the software ExpanDrive from: Magnetk Website
And then install and run the software on your Mac.

Now its time to configure ExpanDrive to mount your iPhone, enter the following settings:

Server: IP Address of iPhone connected to WiFi
Username: root
Password: alpine (default)
Drive Name: iPhone
Remote Path: /
Port: 22 (Default SFTP port)

Now hit the Connect button. The window should look like this:

You should see a drive named "iPhone" in Finder now. It should look like this:

Now just browse through the files, copy/paste and delete. After you are done, just click on the Eject icon next to the drive name in Finder.

Customize - the popular application for modifying the appearance of your iPhone with custom themes and file sets, has just been released for the new iPhone 2.0 software. Now users can have access to the thousands of themes and graphic customizations that they can use to mod their iPhone or iPhone 3G. It also comes with a theme browser that lets you preview the available themes before downloading and applying them. Just as the Customize 2.0 beta for 1.1.4 was.

UPDATE: Customize 2.1.1 now available with bug fixes.

Download available via Cydia in "Utilities" Category.

See below:

Link to Download (for SSH): Download via Rapidshare

Well, many of you may be wondering where's Installer 4 gone... It was under development for the 2.0 firmware, and after a long wait, RiP Dev has posted status updates about the Installer 4 for the iPhone 2.0. Its interface is much similar to the AppStore with only four tabs- Features, Catagories, Sources and Tasks. More status updates will be posted soon...

In the mean time, here are a few screenshots of Insteller 4 for iPhone 2.0:

Apple has just updated its SDK with better GPS and Location Based Services support and has released the new 2.1 Beta Firmware to the members enrolled for the developers program.

So, we are soon going to have a firmware update. But what difference does it make? Well, the new Firmware 2.1 is expected to have 5 new pre-installed applications by Apple, according to the Localized Application Names string file found in the System folder via SSH. Here are the 5 apps:

1. - A native Radio app for listening to Online Radio channels.

2. - Pair your Mac's wireless keyboard with the iPhone for surfing!

3. - A native Converter app for the iPhone.

4. - A language translator, I suppose.

5. Business app. - Linked to AddressBook, so I guess it lets you search up businesses and numbers, addresses, etc.

Heres a screenshot of the findings:

SOURCE: Technicality Blog

WinPwn - The Windows version of PwnageTool is out with version 2. So, now the Windows users can easily Pwn their iPhones to the 2.0 firmware from Windows XP/Vista. It has he same features that the PwnageTool 2 for Mac has and a similar user-frienly interface. So, now Windows users can also create their custom made 2.0 firmware image within minutes!


Well, I have successfully upgraded to 2.0 firmware as seen on my Pwnage Tutorial. Its been some time now and I have tried several Apps & Games on my iPhone 2.0 and after testing all of them, I have come up with this "must have" list of some really useful Apps & Games.

First, here's my iPhone 2.0 with AppStore on right screenshot:

Now heres the list of Apps & Games with screenshots and description after the list:

"Must have" Apps:
  • Google Mobile App
  • reQall
  • Evernote
  • Funambol
  • NetNewsWire
  • ShoZu
  • MoPhoTo
  • Remote
  • Twitterific
  • Facebook

"Must have" Games:
  • Spinner
  • JirboBreak
  • SuperMonkeyBall (Paid)

Detailed Review

Google Mobile App

Google Mobile App is a Google Enhanced Safari browser with Search capabilities added to it. It searched for Contacts & Web and maintains a separate Web History of searches so you can refer to your searches in the future. Heres a screenshot:


reQall is a ToDo and a Reminder app that Syncs to the web so that you can review your tasks by logging in to your web account on the PC. However, its specialty is that it allows you to record a Voice Note which is converted to text after some processing. An E-mail is sent to you once its processed into text. So, its a very helpful Speech-to-Text ToDo Utility that can Sync to the web! Heres a screenshot:


Evernote is another ToDo utility but its a little more graphical. You can make text notes, voice notes, picture notes and sync directly to the web and access them through web or a Windows/Mac client. Heres a screenshot:


Funambol is a Over-the-air (OTA) Sync app that allows you to take a backup of all your contacts just wait a click, so you can access them online or with Outlook or restore them on devices like some other Symbian phones. However, Calendar and Notes Sync features will be added in the next release. You can also host your own backup server with Funambol Open-source kit that enables you to make backups on your own server and use this app to Sync. Heres a screenshot:


NetNewsWire is a RSS feeds reader that allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds on the iPhone or on the NetNewsWire online account and then it Syncs the RSS feed lists. It also has capabilities to Import feed lists that are exported by some other Reader like GoogleReader, however this has to be done online. Heres a screenshot:


ShoZu is a image uploading tool that uploads images to tons of providers like Flickr, Photobucket, Wordpress, Twitter, etc. So, if you dont have MobileMe and want the capability to upload pics as soon as you click them, then this is for you. You can later organise them using Safari and share them on the go ! Heres a screenshot:


MoPhoTo is a Web-album viewer that can view your albums on Flickr, Photobucket, etc. so you can browse your online pics or see some albums that you have just recieved from friends... Its a nice app if you are always on the go and want to see pics. Heres a screenshot:


Remote is the well-known iTunes controller by Apple. It acts as the Apple Remote shipped with Macs. However, this one has better controls like viewing media on the iPhone screen as well. If you have a multimedia computer such as a Mac mini or a HP media computer, then this app can turn your iPhone into a good WiFi iTunes remote. Heres the screenshot:


Twitterific is a Twitter client for iPhone. Though there are many others like Twnikle, this one is the best of all as it has more features and is a well-known Twitter client for Macs as well. So, if you Twitter all the time, this is the best app for you. Heres a screenshot:


This one is the more polished and more feature enriched version of the Facebook webapp. It has a simple interface with Feeds, Your Profile, Friends, Chat and Indox. So, if you are into Social Networking and hang around on Facebook all day, this is the app for you. Heres a screenshot:


Spinner is a simple game where you have to make the ball reach the hole without letting it hit the walls. It uses the accelerometer pretty and is a good time waster. Also its a freewares, so its not a bad idea giving it a try. Heres a screenshot:

Jirbo Break

Jirbo Break is the old Brick game on the iPod with bricks at the top of the screen and a ball that you have to hit with, without letting the ball ball down. But, this one has very good graphics and nice controls. So, when you take-off your finger from the screen, the game pauses and as soon as you touch the ball-pad on the screen, the game is resumed. This one is free for a limited time only, so you might want to get it soon. Heres a screenshot:

Super Monkey Ball

Theres nothing much to say about this game as its hyped equal to the iPhone and is well known. But for those not aware, this game is by SEGA, made for gaming consoles and ported to the iPhone. Basically, you just have to make the monkey get the bananas for extra lives and points and have to reach the ring without falling off. However, its a little expensive with a price tag of $9.99, if you think its a little too much for an iPhone game, you are right its just an accelerametor based game. And for the rest, this is a "Must try" game, it unleshes the whole iPhone gaming experience. So, just get it and play it. Heres a screenshot:

For those who are not aware of XPwn, its a platform independent command-line PwnageTool. This version of XPwn adds 2.0 unlocking support. Yes, so now you can unlock your iPhone to 2.0 firmware on any platform. You can download XPwn from the link below. Anyways, due to this release we will be seeing WinPWN (Windows PwnageTool) very soon now...


For those of you how were not able to Pwn your iPhones to 2.0 due to some bugs and incompatibility, here's PwnageTool 2.0.1 for you with a few bug fixes.
Here is what the DevTeam has said about the bug fixes:

  • It auto-finds the bl39 and bl46 files better, if they’re on your computer
  • It creates the ~/Library/iTunes/Device Support/ folder if not present, which should help with some 1600 errors people have been having.
  • Many people have reported the PwnageTool not starting up at all (the icon never stops bouncing). This issue should be resolved now.
  • The Sparkle AppCast URL is fixed in this version, so automatic updates should work for future releases.
Well, hope this version works out for you. So, Happy Pwning !


So, finally the PwnageTool 2 is out and everyone are playing around with it and experimenting with different options.... However, if you were not able to PWN your iPhone, here's a Quick Video Tutorial for you.

The simple mode is easy to use but it modifies the iPhone. Like changes the boot logo to Pineapple and recovery logo to Setve's animated logo, etc. So, to prevent those unwanted changes, the video demonstrates how to quickly PWN the iPhone in expert mode.

Heres the video:

Finally, the DevTeam has released the PwnageTool 2 ! So, now you can PWN your iPhone to the 2.0 firmware and can also jailbreak iPhone 3Gs !!!

Heres a screenshot of the PwangeTool2 :

DOWNLOAD NOW (The iFone Blog Mirror)

Waiting for the release of PwnageTool 2 ? Well, then just fill in your name and E-Mail address in the form below and you will be Notified as soon as PwnageTool 2 is released along with the link to the download !
So, be the first one to unlock your iPhone 2.0 and jailbreak the iPhone 3G !

Well, Steve Jobs had demonstrated some iPhone 3G tests at WWDC 2008 showing faster data transfer speeds, more battery life, etc. But he did miss out some of them. Check out this video for the remaining tests that are now completed.

The iPhoneDev has updated their blog saying that they are now ready with the PwnageTool 2 and will be releasing it soon ! So, Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to PWN your iPhone to 2.0 firmware ! Keep visiting this blog for more updates and a special mirror link to PwnageTool 2, so when iPhone DevTeam's servers are busy, you can get the PwangeTool from my mirror !

Link: iPhoneDev Team Blog

Well, some of us are with the DevTeam and some of us are with Zibri (ZiPhone). But, today, a new website was discovered - with the picture of an iPhone and a timer. Some say that its a new iphone unlocker who has entered the race while some say its just a joke! So, stay tuned for more news on YiPhone.

The iPhone DevTeam has just said that they won't be releasing the PwnageTool 2 this weekend though its ready. They said that they want to do some tests and improve it a little before releasing it. So, we'll have to wait for the release a bit more...

However, till then you can download the 2.0 Firmware from here: Firmware 2.0 Hands-on

Finally, the iPhone DevTeam has come up with the long awaited PwnageTool 2 which can unlock the iPhone/iPod touch 2.0 firmware. But its not for download for public yet. However, according to Hackint0sh forums, the PwnageTool 2 won't be available this week. So, keep waiting...

By the time, heres a video showing the PwnageTool 2:

Well, MobileMe is up and running finally, after the several server drops and now all features are working. But as 2.0 firmware is not unlocked yet, I'm still on 1.1.4 and was just wondering if I could check my MobileMe account. And Hey! This is what I see:

I thought Apple might have made a web interface for the iPhone version of MobileMe, but you can't even access the normal version of MobileMe. It redirected to the page shown. So, if you don't have the 2.0 firmware, no MobileMe for you on your iPhone !

So, all we can do is wait for the 2.0 firmware unlock to release and then use MobileMe with the native apps on the firmware.

AppStore is finally Up & Running ! Yes, The long wait is over and the new iTunes 7.7 has an Applications view that shows all the Applications for the iPhone/iPod touch.

Here are a few screenshots of the AppStore on iTunes:

Apple has released a new software called iPhone Configuration Utility, which is basically an XML code generator that allows users to make setting files for the iPhone. This file contains information such as Microsoft Exchange login information, Fetch Data interval, MobileMe account details, VPN access details and other sensitive settings. This file can then be loaded into several iPhones and updated regularly, backed up, erased easily, etc.

The Utility available in three formats- Mac, Windows and a Web Interface version.

Heres a screenshot:

Well, The iPhone 3G is out in New Zealand and here's a hands-on of a phone from Vodafone NZ.
Pls post feedbacks and queries ain the comments section.

That's right. The final version of 2.0 firmware is here for you. Direct link from Apple website. Now the firmware adds all the features announced at WWDC 08 like MobileMe, Bulk Move&Delete and the amazing AppStore.

Here are some hands-on pics:


As we all know that iPhone cant be activated at our homes now as it has to be done in the store. As Steve had said that they will be doing "In store activation".

So, well, how do they do it in the store? Apple has released a special version of iTunes with Store Activation mode in it. And you got it right! Its leaked!

Well, I just got both, the Windows and the Mac versions. And as usual, they are for you too! (Links at end of post).

Will be releasing a video about it in some time. So stay tuned...




Instructions on toggling the StoreActivation Mode and StoreGenius Mode:
[Thanks to ChronicProductions]

== Introduction ==
Execute these commands in Terminal

== Store Activation Mode ==

=== On ===
In terminal:
defaults write StoreActivationMode -boolean YES

=== Off ===
In terminal:
defaults write StoreActivationMode -boolean NO

== Store Genius Mode ==

=== On ===
In terminal:
defaults write StoreGeniusMode -boolean YES

=== Off ===
In terminal:
defaults write StoreGeniusMode -boolean NO